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Environmental Services

COSHH requirements for Dust , Fume and Vapour Levels

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( Amendment ) Regulations 2002. ( COSHH ) require employers to identify and monitor Workplace Exposure Limits ( WELs) of substances hazardous to health to ensure compliance with occupational Workplace Exposure Limits contained within the HSE guidance EH40.

The Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) for wood dust is 5mg/m³, as an 8hr time weighted average (8hr TWA) so the workplace air monitoring results will be compared with this limit.

As wood dust is an asthmagen, even small quantities can cause respiratory sensitisation. Hard woods, for example, Oak, Iroko, and Western Red Cedar, are carcinogens so can give rise to more serious health effects such as nasal cancer.

Noise Level Assessments

  • Make recommendations on noise reduction measures
  • Identify Ear protection zone
  • Identify employees/ students at risk
  • Identify the type of hearing protection required

Air Quality Assessment
Skin Protection Assessments
Hand – Arm Vibration Screening
Respiratory Health Assessment
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